Chris Rieck—Ruck Rover at Bannockburn Tigers and ‘Mr Everywhere’. If there’s a left-of-field job, Chris has it covered.

Phillip McKim—Team of the Decade 1970s at Modewarre. Phil is the one who spends two months sitting on a tractor each year, rolling out 500 straw bales.

Jacob Melbourne—Unfortunately supports Melbourne. Jacob is our resident DJ and surfer.

Tom Wolpel—Back flank at Bannockburn Tigers. Tom works on the land—hardening up those city hands of his.

Robyn Farr—The tennis player who fits in the office work.  The gofer for the "mind behind".

There are no titles necessary at By Farr and Farr Rising—we just get the work done as a team. We endeavour to keep everyone involved in the process, constantly challenging the team to put up ideas and question new approaches.